What makes DeVault amazing?

Savings Technology Designed for Everyone.

Digital Cash doesn't have to be something you constantly are forced to purchase with dollars, instead we hope to foster a community where earning, paying and simply tipping one another digital value is the standard, partially to help onboard the next billion cryptocurrency users, but also to create a sustainable future for all.

P2P Digital Cash

DeVault is built upon a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain network that enables fast worldwide payments. Most payments arrive in under 60 seconds!

Cold Rewards

DeVault provides 'cold rewards' to the widest possible range of community members. Simply start with 25,000+ DVT, hodl for 21,915 blocks and start earning!

Community DAO

The community has the final voice in DeVault, thus controlling the fate of the project. Utilizing a 1 coin = 1 vote system, allowing everyone to participate.

Self Funded

All of our funding comes from within the blockchain, and is 100% auditable and transparent. The funding system is ever adjusting to the current ecosystem.

Cash-like Capability

DeVault, just like many other Bitcoin-like blockchains and many tokens can be exchanged just like cash using either paper wallets or simply sending in a peer-to-peer fashion.

PoW + PoS Hybrid

Proof of Work + Proof of Stake hybrids have long been considered the best of both worlds, PoW to help create a majority of the coins and PoS to help invest into the community.

Where to get DeVault?

Our Growing Exchange Partners:

In order to acquire cryptocurrencies users are often required to sign up with various exchanges, while these are wonderful options for simplifying acquisition of DeVault and other cryptocurrencies, users would be wise to never keep funds stored on these exchanges and instead opt to use self custody wallets such as DeLight or the DeVault Core wallet.

Now to the good stuff..

Getting Started with DeVault..

We are constantly engaging with new partners and growing the reach of the DeVault community as well as adding new value in the form of integrations, use-cases and scaling. We currently use a mix of tipping robots and services to pursue those goals.

Get Involved!

Some Useful Links

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